Top 5 Favorite Cinematography Films

My Top 5 Favorite Cinematography Films A cinematographer’s (or director of photography, DP) job is to translate all the visual aspects of those stories and bring them to screen. Whether it’s through the lens or with lighting, a DP is working constantly to submerse you into a world with this character. Here are *my top […]


  Brush is a film that took over a year to put together. It’s been a very long process and lots of man hours to bring to the screen. However, all the work is definitely going to be worth it! And soon, you will be able to watch Brush! Come out on November 17th at […]

“What if your life had a time limit?”

We all know that the superhero film is all the rage right now. The Avengers, Iron Man 3, the Dark Knight Trilogy, Man of Steel, and on and on. What makes a superhero film interesting? Most of the time it’s usually out of the spectacle or the epic nature of the films that draw its […]

The Blackbird and I: The Story of my Life and Logo

The Blackbird and I   In 2009, I was in LA attending school. I’d only been there about 2 weeks or so. Sophia was back in FL living her life, minus me. We would talk, but it’s never the same. I was there for 4 months whether I liked it or not, alone. Everything felt […]


Inspiration. It’s that funny thing that you can’t force. You can’t fake it. It happens, at the strangest times and places. The other day, I was just getting out of the car at night. The wind was a bit nippy, the sky dark. You could see for millions of miles into the abyss above. I […]


Thankful “Behind every great man is a greater woman.” In general, this is quote a true statement. There’s something to be said for the importance of having a strong backing to make you step out of your comfort zone. But, I might change it to saying that behind a great man, are great friends and […]

Why do I want to be a Director of Photography?

Why do I want to be a Director of Photography? I love music. Not in such a deep way as some people that can name every band member and every song from a niche style of music from the 70’s. I love theatre. Not as much as some that have every playbill from every broadway […]

We’re live!

Getting this site up and running has been a long time coming. But as of today, it’s here! We have so many projects we’ve recently shot that are all in post production. We can’t wait to get them wrapped up so we can share with you some pretty awesome shoots.